Thursday, May 19, 2005

Revenge of the Melon Head

The good news is that I have figured out knitting in the round! I am so excited and impressed with myself. And it's so fun! You just knit and knit and knit and knit, but instead of the garter stitch, it makes the stockinette stitch! And I am also knitting with two strands of wool, each a different color, which is giving the hat-to-be a great kind of heathered look. Much fun.

The bad news is that I have a melon head, and it is not looking like the hat is going to hit me. (EDITOR'S NOTE - That was a typo, and I was going to change it to the correct word, which is "fit." But on second thought, I don't want the hat to hit me either, so let's just say that it won't hit me or fit's that?). However, I have made it too far to take it all out (AKA "frog" it). And I don't really wear hats anyway, preferring the ear warmer headband if it gets TOO cold, so not being able to wear my hat is no biggie. The satisfaction of making it should be enough. I have not, however, gotten to the part where I have to reduce the size of the circumference to make the hat come in to eventually make a point (well, a dull point) far, I am working with a roll-brimmed cylinder. But it's beautiful! And I am making it all by myself! I do wonder if I am doomed to a lifetime of making useless projects, however. Naaah...I am sure someone will want something I make someday!

For those of you who are not here for the knitting, let's talk about TV. I watch a LOT of TV. I am not working right now (which I do have to remedy soon because I am running out of money), so I spend my days watching TV, knitting, reading my textbooks, and going to school...and working at Bath and Body Works part-time (really part-time). My new favorite shows to watch (besides my old favorites) are Perfect Proposal and the Golden Girls. They fit very nicely into the niche of time between 11:00 and noon that is between Ellen's show and Starting Over. I used to watch Perfect Proposal with bitterness in my heart because The Man was not rushing to get down on one knee in front of me and pledge his life to me. Now that we are Working On Things, I feel much lighter in spirit and can be happy for the girls who won the Boy Contest and got to be on a TLC reality show.

There are also a lot of shows that I think I should like, but somehow I don't. One of these is Clean Sweep (we watch a lot of TLC in our house). I was so excited by the concept of the show when it came out. However, it does nothing for me. Others I don't particularly enjoy are A Dating Story and A Wedding Story. I am okay with the proposals, but dating freaks me out, and no wedding lives up to the one I have planned in my dreams.

Now, do you see why I have thrown myself whole-heartedly into the knitting? A girl needs a little something more than the boob tube to make up her day...I can't wait until I am done with school and can finally embark on my chosen career!


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Oh goodness, TLC is totally addicting. I think I'm in love with Evan Farmer from While you Were Out. He's so adorable, yet a little annoying but I think that's just his persona on camera. And he can play guitar. What's not to love about that? : )

patrice said...

I LOVE GOLDEN GIRLS. I recently got into it again after a hiatus - a long hiatus - and I still love it. bea arthur? comedic genius. and she looks sort of like my mom, only with less funny-sayings sweatshirts and more shoulder pads.

congrats on knitting in the round!

and let's talk a little tlc. I liked wedding story when I was planning my wedding, but after my wedding was over, I hated it. same with baby story and babies. dating story got me really tense. this is all when I worked at home, which was pre-clean sweep. had that show been on while I was a daytime tv watcher, I probably would have been able to get a smaller moving van.

anyways. tv.