Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Warm Fuzzies

I thought about starting a new blog for my knitting (mis)adventures and calling it something cozy like Warm Fuzzies (since all the plays on "knit" seem to be taken). But then I looked at my poor dieting blog The Size of My Thighs and thought better of it because that poor blog is sad and lonely, with no posts for several weeks. Sigh...and I don't want to make another blog sad.

I have been trying to teach myself new knitting things since I got up at 5:30 this morning, and the newspaper wasn't here yet. I taught myself "knit two together," which is a way of reducing (which will be useful when I make this hat that I have planned out in my head) and "knitting in the round" with a circular needle (thanks to and their friendly instructional on-line videos). However, I have hit a SNAFU. It turns out that shopping with a list is helpful. If you shop with a list, you end up buying the size 11 16" circular needle that you need, instead of one in size 5. Now, the size 5 may be useful someday, so no biggie. However, when you also picked out a size 5 24" circular needle, have it pointed out to you that it's too large to make a hat on, and then don't put it back because you have told the knitting lady that it is for another project you have in mind (a total lie), thereby trying not to look like an amateur (after just telling her that you have, thus far, only made scarves), THAT is a problem, my friends. I really want to go trade them in for a size 11 16"-er...but I don't want to go back the day after I made said error. So I will probably add that circular needle to the things I am not sure what to do with, assuming that someday I will have a use for it (which will then see me at Michael's later today buying the right size needle because I. need. it. now.).

I also learned today that casting on 54 stitches SUCKS. And when you are on a needle that is SO MUCH smaller than the one you will really be using, those 54 stitches don't even come close to making it all the way around so you can commence the whole in the round thing. So you keep casting on, and keep casting on, and keep casting on, and roughly 100 stitches later, you are ready to start. And on a size 5 needle, those suckers are teeny tiny and tight. And knitting them also, well, sucks. However, I did successfuly knit a row in the round, so when I get the right goods later, I will be ready to go.

The highlight of my day today, I believe will be the show Starting Over. Yesterday brought us an action-packed episode where one of the roommates graduated, and as they ended the show, we were waiting to see if another roommate would be asked to leave (dun-dun-duuuuuuun). If you are not a fan of the show (and if you are a reality TV fan and also a self-help book fan, you will love this show, I promise), let me tell you that there is a woman on there who would drive a saint crazy. And she is the one who is on the block. Watching her on TV is, to me, like listening to fingernails screeching on the blackboard. I hope I am not being too harsh when I say I think she should GO!

Speaking of reality TV (I am sorry that there is no thread running through these thoughts that could hold them together, but it's 7 AM, and I have already been up for an hour and a half and been knitting, so bear with me), I heard from my Internet friend Kelly that the next Real World is going to be in Austin, TX. Well, I am excited. First of all, I love me some cowboys. And second of all, Austin was the city I am meant to live in, so at least I will get to check it out now! I look forward to a new Real World and place before you my wishes for it...maybe the women be catty, may the men be flirty, and may the house be all that you could ever wish for and more. After all, isn't that what escaping into the Real World is all about?


patrice said...

I totally get what you're saying with the needle you don't need. I have done that so many times. one stands out - I decided that instead of buying halloween costumes for trent and sean and I to be characters from harry potter, I'd buy patterns and fabric and make them myself. after all, they were only robes, for crying out loud.

after having them ring up my total, which was well over $100 - which could have bought all manner of costumes and accessories and I wouldn't have had to actually make anything - I coolly said okay and handed over my debit card. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and neck and the lady ringing me up said something like are you sure or something, and I was like, yes, thank you.

I got out to my car, realized I bought several things like ribbon that was $10/yard, called my sister on my cell phone panicked, and she convinced me to go return it. humiliating.

anyway. glad to hear you're doing well in your knitting endeavors!

Fred said...

Real World Philadelphia was pretty good. My kids got me hooked (yeah, right,) so we were faithful watchers. I can't stay awake late (like you, I get up at 5:30'ish), so we watched the weekend omnibus editions.

Most of those shows have saved me from having the "birds and the bees" conversations.