Monday, March 07, 2005

Couch potato

I quit my job in the middle of December because I was starting nursing school. And that was definitely the correct decision. There is NO WAY that I could have balanced the two. My plan is to substitute teach to earn money for now until I decide if I want to get another full-time job while still in school. However, I have been unable to start subbing as of yet, so I am putting in a few hours a week working retail, and the rest of the time I am as the wind! The novelty of that wore off at least a month ago.

Here is my day...I get up and have breakfast. I sit down in front of the TV. Most days, I watch Fox and Friends, followed by Regis and Kelly, followed by Ellen Degeneris, followed by Jane Pauley, followed by Starting Over, followed by Passions. At that point, I feel so digusting that I drag my ass upstairs and shower. Then I do some school work before it is time to head to class. I come home from class, go to bed, get up the next morning, and start it all over again. It's getting old, my friends.

Food is also a constant part of my day. Having nothing to do gives this girls the munchies! I have been snacking like a mad-woman. And it's got to stop! Today, I have started tracking my Weight Watchers points again. I didn't break my TV habit yet, but I haven't eaten a box of Cheez-Its and chased it with a liter of Coke. And the school board meets tonight...which means that I should be approved as a sub and called soon afterward. And that will be the key to getting me off the couch and back into life. It can't come soon enough.

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