Friday, May 20, 2005

The Waiting Game

Right now, we are on RED ALERT awaiting the arrival of Lucy Bloom, who is the daughter-to-be (or maybe daughter already) of K8, who is one of the friends I met on eDiets last year. It's amazing to be waiting with bated breath for the arrival of a baby whose parents you have not ever met in person. However, we were all writing on eDiets when K8 first found out she was pregnant, and we have followed her entire pregnancy all the way up until this day. She was due to be induced yesterday morning, and unless she is having one hell of a labor experience, I would imagine that Lucy is here already. We have a Designated Diamond (or DD) who is supposed to get the call from K8's husband and pass the news on to us. However, I am hoping that the reason that we haven't heard is that they are just so enamored with their new little one that we have slipped their minds. And that is totally understandable because this is A Big Event.

It's amazing to think that I could feel so close to this group of women (and one man) who live all throughout the US, having met none of them in person. We have group members in South Carolina and Florida and California and Michigan, Utah and Arizona and Arkansas and Missouri, Kansas and...well, you get the idea. Our friendship began over our struggles with our weight. It became cemented as we got to know more about each other and started turning to one another for advice and started venting to each other when things weren't going our way (also called Being An Attention Whore...or AW). And at the holidays, we even had a gift exchange, where Elfster helped us assign names to each other and we sent presents to our Secret Santa. We also exchanged holiday cards. And now that most of us are no longer on eDiets, we have an EZ Board, where we can check in with each other every day and talk about what is going on. We have K8, getting ready to have a baby (or maybe a mommy already!). We have KT, buying a house with her boyfriend. We have Colleen, newly engaged, and Sarah, planning her wedding. We have many other wonderful women, and together we have formed a network of support that I would be lost without. It's an amazing thing.

I don't know what life would be like without the Internet. I wouldn't be able to go on and on about my knitting (and TV, which seems to be my other favorite topic). I wouldn't be able to read 20 different blogs everyday that offer me a little glimpse into other people's lives. And I wouldn't be able to check in with my fellow Diamonds for a reality check, a TV show update, or just the opportunity to spend an AW moment complaining about some little part of my life. I can't imagine that my life would be as full as it is now, so today I celebrate the Internet...and I celebrate little Lucy Bloom. May all her days be magical, and may she be as blessed as I am.


NME said...

I agree. The internet is really amazing. It keeps me in touch with old friends, helps me meet new ones, and allows me to easily update friends and family about the progress Noah is making every day.

It sounds like you have a really special group of women.

patrice said...

waiting for a baby is so much fun!!! especially when it's not yours!

god bless the interweb, amen.

Karyn said...

i too wonder what i'd be doing without the internet! it's hard enough doing without the computer while on vacation.