Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blah, blah, blah, money, blah, blah...

I know that the tens of you who read this (and that might be generous) are anxiously awaiting my next blog post about my money issues. To recap, I have shredded my credit cards and am attempting to live an all-cash life. My very first week of this all-cash life, I needed two new tires on my car for it to pass inspection, so I had to borrow money from my mother. Fate 1, Mary 0.

Anyway, I spent this morning setting up a Google Spreadsheet to serve as my budget for 2008. I have all 26 paychecks spoken for on 26 different sheets in my spreadsheet, and this time I remembered to budget for such things as groceries and gas for my car. Pretty much every pay looks like I will make it in just under the wire, and if I can pick up some overtime here and there (we have a couple of pregnant girls in our unit right now, and they have to go on maternity leave sometime!), I might even be able to have a little fun during the year as well. However, at least the amount of money I have to put out each pay was not several hundred dollars more than what I expect to pull in. In that case, I would have been sitting in the corner rocking back and forth right now...and instead I am sharing this blog post with y'all!

The good news this pay is that I worked a holiday and my four-day week, so that fact will allow me to finish up my Christmas shopping and actually get for my husband what I was planning to. I was concerned that I wouldn't have the money for it, and without those handy credit cards to fall back on, I would instead have to give him an IOU for sometime in the New Year. Now, however, I will be able to order his gift and wrap it up and have it waiting under the tree for him.

I feel like now is the time that I can breathe a sigh of relief and know that Christmas will come to the Casey house after all...


Jen said...

I am a bit confused. You mention your money woes and expenses, but you are married now. Do you not consolidate your finances?

Gunngirl said...

I will follow in your footsteps and try to get a grip on my finances. Mainly I just need a better job. I make pennies, pretty much, and it just isn't cutting it with my many, MANY credit card bills (and school loan) I need a better paying job first.

I truly fu*ked up with my cards by using one that I had paid down really well, thus running it back up, then being a totally ass hat idiot and forgot to pay around 4 ca

Good luck to us both!

The Mad Hoosier said...

Congrats on leaving the Credit Cards behind! I don't know if your epiphony is related to hearing this man or not, but Dave Ramsey has a show on this exact same thing. He has a day-time radio show and now has a prime-time television show on the new Fox Business News channel. He speaks about living debt free, and how abnormal that is...of course he wants us to live abnormally by living without debt, ie. credit cards, etc.

If you have a chance to check him out, you should. At times it's frustrating listening to people with six figure incomes talk about just now becoming debt free, but it's mostly uplifting.

His ultimate tag-line: Live now, like no one that later you can live like no one else.

Just to give that a slight bit of context...sacrifice now to become debt free, so that later after saving and investing, you can live a much more carefree life due to the newfound wealth.