Friday, August 31, 2007

More Nature

When I looked out of the window of our office this morning, while happily blogging away, I saw the following animal go lumbering around the corner of my house:

It was at that point that I have declared myself to be in the zone of Quite Enough Nature, Thank You Very Much, Even For Me.

I have two hopes:
  • First, I would prefer that raccoon not bring any rabid friends around.
  • Second, I would prefer that raccoon not be living anywhere on my property, including any of the various trees in my woods. After all, I have a not-so-smart dog that sometimes goes out on a lead by himself...and I would prefer that he not tangle with any of the Nature.

1 comment:

lonna said...

I saw a raccoon near our house, too, and was not pleased. Apparently seeing them in the day is a bad thing since they're nocturnal. I don't know if that's an old wives' tale or not, but still I don't want to see them ever. My parents went two rounds with raccoons. They ate through some wiring and some insulation in their roof. They had to have a specialist come out twice to rid them of the menace. Good luck.