Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bringing product placement to a blog near you...

I have never been one to do those posts where I review products or talk about my favorite things. I have lots of opinions on lots of items, and I could have used them for blog fodder, but I just never got into that. I am a big fan of SundryBuzz, where Linda writes actual product reviews, sometimes for stuff that was sent to her for free. She has many more readers than I do, so this works for her. For me? Not so much.

However, today, I am going to be reviewing a line of products. And these products are actually relevant to something going on in my life right now, namely my ingestion of Alli, GSK's new weight loss drug. I am living in fear of the treatment effects that may come from taking Alli. Therefore, I am tracking my fat intake like I never have before. And the nice folks at Morningstar Farms are making that much easier for me.

Morningstar Farms makes a line of vegetarian frozen foods. I first became aquainted with them a few weeks ago, when I had a hankering for a corn dog. First of all, it's hard to find a place around here that you can get a good corn dog. Second of all, it was not a good idea for Ms. Weight Watchers here to bring home the deluxe box of actual frozen corn dogs that I found at my local grocery store. So while perusing the frozen food aisle, I came across the Morningstar Farms version of corn dogs. There were four in a box...a manageable number. The picture on the box looked like the real thing. And best of all, each corn dog weighed in at a measly three Points on my Weight Watchers plan. Sold! I took some home and got right to work on that craving.

They were spot on.

I mentioned my discovery to a couple of other people and got recommendations to try some other things, like the Chick'n Patties and the "burgers." I tried the Chick'n and loved it. Low Points! Great taste! Eureka!

And then came my Alli experiment. So far, Alli is really keeping me on the straight and narrow. I do not want to experience any kind of treatment effects, so I am certainly not going over my fat grams. And Morningstar Farms is helping me not to starve while I do that. Today, I had a tomato and basil pizza burger. Two points for the burger! And so, so good!

Now, this isn't to say that none of the Morningstar Farms items are higher in fat...some of them are. But everything I have tried so far has been a good replacement for a well-loved original item. And I look forward to trying some of their other items as well. Twenty or so minutes in my toaster oven brings me a nice, hot lunch that works on both Weight Watchers and the Alli plan and doesn't leave me craving more, more, more!

I taste success!

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