Monday, March 19, 2007

Mary Casey, RN, BSN

I passed!!!

After four tense days in which I was determined not to pay money to get my quick results, I caved today when my friend Paula called and told me that she had just paid money to find out and she had passed. I was still waffling, and then her words, "Do it right now," led me to action. A small $7.95 charge later, and I knew the good news.

I passed.

I am a Registered Nurse.

Oh, I also lost two more pounds.


Jen said...

Yay! Congratulations! I knew you would pass. Things are really going well for you now, getting married, becoming a nurse, losing weight. I am very happy for you- and hope your streak continues!

Kristin said...

Woohoo!!!!!! That rocks! You rock!

NME said...

That is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations. All that hardwork paid off. It must feel amazing.

gunngirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Feels good, don't it? Wow, that is great. I'm proud of you. Way to go!

Aarwenn said...

Haven't commented in awhile...but had to come out of hiding for this post! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so proud of you!! Now...pssst...change your sidebar. You are no longer studying for the boards. You have PASSED.