Friday, March 23, 2007

I am live blogging...RIGHT NOW!!!

I have traveled about two hours south-ish for an overnight with my sister, her boyfriend, and her cat in one of the many suburbs of Philadelphia. She is living the good life down here, working in the pharmaceutical industry, driving a Saab, and living in a great condo that she bought almost a year ago.

Now that she lives so far away (I know it's not really far away, but it seems that way), most of our interactions occur on our cell phones when we are driving to various places in our now separate lives. But this weekend, I have come down to her neck of the woods to take advantage of some of the wonderful shopping available in the King of Prussia area, where there is a huge mall (actually two malls rolled into one), a Nordstrom Rack (I see shoes in my future), and a DSW Shoe Warehouse (did I mention shoes?).

Tonight, we sat around while her boyfriend made us dinner, using a recipe she got from Fitness magazine. It was spaghetti puttanesca, and it was yummy! Being with my sister at a time when I am working on living a healthier life is a wonderful thing for me because she also tends to live a healthier life, and I don't have to worry about her being annoyed when I start going on and on about Points values and whether I am able to get all my vegetables in every day. She is my biggest cheerleader on my weight loss journey, and it is so great to be able to come down and spend some time with her.

Tomorrow, we hit the stores, and we have big plans to go many places! It will be a wonderful and exhausting time, and it will be a fitting end to March. In April, Bill and I put Operation Budget into action, and then I won't have all this disposable income anymore. But for now? I am going to live it up!

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