Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let's get excited about our New Year's resolutions!

Every year, I make the same resolution. This will be the year that I lose weight. Clearly, I have not yet met that goal, as it is my resolution again this year. Yeah. I start out well, and then I go to a party or out to eat or something like that, and I let one indiscretion start me on a downward spiral. Before long, I am eating French fries as often as possible and downing three or four cans of regular soda in a day. And that, my friends, is not a diet.

My most successful attempts at dieting involved eating low carb, so my mind heads that way again. I don't go quite as low as an early Atkins diet, but I do try to pay more attention to the carbs I eat and keep my total much lower than that in the average American diet. This way of eating is very satisfying for me because it keeps me fuller longer and it shows quick results. And I was able to maintain it for quite a long time at one point in my life, so that is the road I have decided to follow once again. I am off to a good start...breakfast was two eggs with some ham and cheese, and that should keep me going for a while.

My biggest hurdles will be the need to give up the regular soda (back to Diet Cherry Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper), drink my water, and eat my vegetables. I also would like to add in some exercise and maybe even find a gym in the area to join. Oh, and I should really cancel my Curves membership since I am using it not at all.

A goal in the back of my mind has been to do a breast cancer 3-day walk someday. I am contemplating talking to my sister and making it a goal for 2008. In the shape I am in now (round), I could not walk for three hours, let alone three days. However, with that goal in mind, maybe in 2008 she and I can do this.

And now, as I head back to work, I invite you to share with me your resolutions...and send wishes your way for a Happy New Year!

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The Yales said...

I hear ya sister! We are all on the bandwagon! I am so sore today from our exercise class yesterday!! I can't even tell you!