Saturday, December 09, 2006

Almost done!


Now, I am spending a lot of time sleeping, and I have even started reading a novel! Wacky! I have also acknowledged that Christmas is, in fact, coming, and I had better start preparing for it. Tonight, we put up our first Christmas tree as a married couple, and we were fortunate that Bill's sons could be here to do it with us. It looks good...a mix of Bill's matchy-matchy stuff and my childhood favorites. But it's so weird to have my ornaments on a tree other than that of my parents'!

We are also looking forward to Otto's first Christmas. His eyes became as round as saucers as he realized that a tree was moving into the house...but he's being pretty good about it. He hasn't (A) tried to climb it or (B) peed on it yet. That's good news!

Anyway, look for pictures this week as I finally clear off my camera's memory! And as I finally have time to blog more!

More soon...

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The Cat said...

What a wonderful time of year for you guys. They say that Christmas is for kids....I think it's just as much for people in lurve !