Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

The mantra of Nemo's friend Dori is what helps me get through many days. My life right now feels to me to be something to be endured. There are little spots of sunshine, but most days are just one gigantic pain in the ass.

Right now, something is going on that could have a bad outcome. I will find out tomorrow if the outcome is the worst it could possibly be, or if it is just moderately bad, or if it isn't too bad at all. If it is the worst it could possibly be, the part of my life that I must endure, instead of enjoy, could be extended by about six months. I REALLY don't want to extend the portion of my life that I am in right now, so I am looking for one of the less bad options. However, I feel like I have to be prepared for the worst, so that if it does happen, it won't seem that bad.

For those who are wondering, this potential badness has to do with a portion of my life that is over in December...I don't want to go into it more than that because people get in trouble for things they write in their blogs ALL THE TIME, and I just want to keep my nose clean.


gunngirl said...

Whatever it is I hope it works out for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I hope it doesn't involve your wedding and creating baggage on a happy day. Eeek!

Good luck!

Marisapan said...

It sounds scary. Good luck! I hope your cryptic outcome is good, not bad.