Friday, July 01, 2005

Chop, chop! And slow down, please!

This is a dual-topic post, so that is why it is a dual-topic title. And I am sure I didn't really need to explain that...but it's too late.

Soooo...I am getting my hair chopped right on off tomorrow. At 8:00 AM, I will be heading to American Hairlines, which is a fantastic salon and day spa, and sitting my butt down in a chair and instructing my hairdresser to take about eight inches off the length of my hair. I can't wait. The rules for clinicals in my nursing program are this...we either have to have hair shorter than collar-length, or we have to pull it back. Well, I am sick of the long hair...but since an in-betweem length is not an option, I am going shorter...somewhere in between jaw- and chin-length. Truth be told, I grew my hair out mostly because Bill liked it long. But now, that isn't really an issue, so I am going short. I think I am getting past the age of long hair as well. Anyway, pictures will be posted tomorrow, I hope.

And topic #2 involves this whole Internet dating thing. I have been talking, via e-mail, to a couple of guys for perhaps a week and a half now. I am not aggressively pursuing this because, well, I am not really ready to, but I have been putting myself out there a little more. Well, a few days ago, someone asked for my phone number. I put him off for a few days about it, but finally I gave him my cell phone number. And he times in the last two days. Tonight was the first time that he called and I was alone and able to I did, and we talked for about 15 minutes. It was not a bad conversation...until he asked when we could meet. Alright, I wasn't really ready to talk to you on the now you want to meet? SOOOOOOOOO not ready for that! In fact, completely unready! The opposite of ready! NOT READY! So I made a noncommital "let me look at my schedule and think about what we could do" comment. But can we take this a little slower, please? I am REALLY rusty!

Did I mention how much I hate being single? And the whole dating thing? Oh, right, we covered that earlier this week...

PS - I finished the grass green hat for my sister! So look for pictures of that too! So now I will be planning a Christmas gift for a certain cousin I have! Any color preferences? Not to ruin the surprise...but you already know that all I know how to knit are hats and scarves, so I guess you could figure that out on your own.


NME said...

Can't wait to see the hair!! I love a brand new haircut = not just a trim but a whole new style. So exciting.

Seven times! He's either a bit obsessive or he is totally taken with you because you seem irresistable. I'm sure it's the latter.

Rebecca said...

Love the hair; think you're awesome but the phone call guy sounds a little weird; and my favorite color is purple but anything neutral would work for me as well!

patrice said...

I have totally been to american hairlines! when my mom lived in hellertown, I used to go up and visit when we both had hair appointments. (now she lives in godforsaken bath.)

anyway, I love a good haircut. a good, different, drastic haircut. and having peeked at the pic before reading this post, I have to say it looks EXCELLENT!

ps, caller guy sounds odd. maybe just be honest with him and say it's too fast?

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

talk about overload - who is this guy. Doesn't he ever know that patience is a virtue?