Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Lay of the Land

Now that my addiction to blogs has leveled off some, I find myself with a good eight-ten blogs that I check out everyday. Some of them belong to people I know, and others belong to complete strangers. I read them all for different reasons...and if you are interested in checking any of them out, you can find links to them in my sidebar.

The first is, of course, Dooce. No explanation is needed there...I know a lot of people read her musings everyday. I also found SnarkSpot, the blog of one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Weiner. She shares news about her writing, her various appearances, and her daughter, who sounds like a barrel of laughs. I read Frog E. Luv, which is written by my eDiets friend Kat. She is the one who first turned me on to having my own blog. I also read Home of an Emotional Idiot, which belongs to my cousin Rebecca. I take a little exception to the name of her blog, since I don't think she is an emotional idiot, but who am I to talk? My second blog is called The Size of My's that for issues?

I read a blog called When In Doubt...Use Parsley, which also has a "sub-blog" called Everything Quinn. It's the story of a mother of a young daughter, and the sub-blog traces Quinn's entire life, which is fun to read about. I read Strangeafeet, which is written by a fellow Pennsylvanian who is trying out the SAHM life down in Philly. I read Princess & Johnsy, which is written by a woman who is currently early in a pregnancy after having had a miscarriage in the past. And I read Post No Bills: Adventures in New York Banality, which is written by a Washingtonian who now lives in the Big Apple.

It amazes me how different these blogs are. I know that, when reading Dooce, I kind of feel like she is sharing her entire life with us, and if we were to meet tomorrow, I would have a good background on her on which to build a friendship. When I read SnarkSpot, it is with that thought in my mind that, "Oh, my God! She wrote Good in Bed. SHE WROTE GOOD IN BED!!" My cousin's blog reads like her journal. She shares a lot of herself in her entries, getting right down there to the deepest spots. Kat's blog shows her unique outlook on things and her great sense of humor. Strangeafeet and Everything Quinn give insights into the rather entertaining experience of sharing your world with a small child. The author of Princess & Johnsy has me hooked, as she shares stories of the experiences she has been going through. And Post No Bills speaks to the adventurer in me who longs to move to the City...although I probably won't ever do it. At least I can live vicariously through a fellow blogger!

And then there's my blog. It hasn't really taken on its form yet. I certainly hope to entertain through my writings. I try to lend an amusing slant to the everyday of my life. But I can't say that it has a real flow. Maybe as I get back on the dating bandwagon, I will find myself with some material that I can use. Until then, Rich Girl, Poor Girl will continue on it's slightly random, hopefully entertaining journey. And I will continue reading other blogs daily because they certainly do entertain me.


NME said...

I'm sure you will soon have fascinating stories about dating. And I'm sure you can provide some funny and touching anecdotes about becoming a nurse. Not to mention what it must be like to be living with your parents again. You have tons of material!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. After reading this entry, I checked out a few others that you mentioned. I think you're going to get me crazy reading more than I really have time for!

Your blog is great. Don't think there's no focus or that you need a focus. You're entertaining and touching people with what you write... I shouldn't think you'd need more focus than that!

Keep it up girl! Love ya!