Friday, April 15, 2005

Heigh-ho, Silver! Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I have a couple of friends who have had great success with the on-line dating site One friend is my best friend from my childhood, who is marrying her soul mate in September of this year. She signed up for eharmony a little over a year ago and met him within her first week as a member. How's that for service?

I filled out the personality profile survey on the site two years ago, when my boyfriend and I were on the outs and I was thinking that nothing would bring us back together. I was wrong, however, so I changed my setting so eharmony would stop sending me matches. I didn't think much of it until last weekend, when I ended my relationship for good. And then I thought, "What's the harm? I will just let them send me matches...that part's free. I can't imagine I will find anyone I want to communicate with yet."

Well, a match was sent to me for someone I really want to write to. He sounds great...the thing that is most intriguing to me is that he readily admits that he loves reading and reads all the time. Meanwhile, a direct quote from my profile is, "I love, love, LOVE to read!" Can't get much clearer than that. Anyway, I figured that I would just let it go and when I felt ready, I would initiate the first step, which is closed-ended questions, with him. And then this morning, I checked my e-mail and found that this man who appears to be as much of bibliophile as I am, has requested communication with me! AACK! Not sure what to do! Is it too soon? Could it be too good to be true? What to do? WHAT TO DO?

So I think I am going to pony up the money next week and respond to his request for communication. I might not quite be ready to hit the dating scene again, but this opportunity might be too good to pass up. And although I know that this might not be Mr. Right, at least it is me getting my feet wet again...and, anyway, they say that the first step is getting right back on the horse.


NME said...

You should definitely go for it. The biggest risks we take in life often have the biggest payoffs. And if he isn't Mister Right - you will have gained some practice so you'll be ready for him when he comes along. Good luck!

Kat said...

You go girl!

NME said...

I think we were destined to meet. I was indeed at St. Lukes in Qtown on Monday - with Noah. We were there off and on Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday - and will probably be returning in a couple of days since I doubt my stepfather will be released soon. My stepfather is Larry Wenger, he has bone marrow cancer and is in room 202 - I think that is the med surg unit. He's in the bed by the window. My mom Carol is almost always with him. If you let me know what days you are working we will keep an eye out for you.