Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fancy pants

This will be my first blog post that is NOT coming from a computer! While browsing Apple's App Store this morning, I found some blogging apps. Therefore, I am currently listening to an audiobook and blogging at the same...perfect for my love of multi-tasking. And I figure I can't blog any less frequently than I already do!

So let's talk about audiobooks. This is my first one, and I am not sure that I am a fan. I am a VERY fast reader, and when on vacation, I can often read more than one book per day. However, one of the categories for my book challenge I am doing requires me to listen to an audiobook. I searched on iTunes for a book to listen, which was good because that helped me eliminate some contendors. Listening to the previews of some good-sounding books made me realize I couldn't imagine listening to a British reader for multiple hours. And searching through the choices made me question why so many of the books were abridged. I finally chose Swimming Lessons (no idea if HTML works in this App...we shall see!) by Mary Alice Monroe...the reader's voice was gentle and not annoying, and the book was unabridged.

Well, I have figured out why so many of the books are abridged. I have been trying to listen to this for days, and I can't help but think that I could have read it three times over by now, and I am only on chapter ten! I really think I will have to read the actual book when I am done listening to the audiobook...just to make sure I don't miss anything!

Unless I get an adapter for my iPod touch to allow me to listen to audiobooks on my commute, I don't see a lot of these in my future...I prefer the written word!

-- Posted from my iPod touch

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Liz (Romano) Boyko said...

I haven't tried audiobooks yet, Mary, but I have a feeling I wouldn't like them either. For some reason, I like seeing the text. Helps me focus more and really form pictures in my mind. I could maybe see listening on a very long car trip, though!