Sunday, August 17, 2008


When I share with people that I am still working part-time (very part-time) at Bath and Body Works, even after finishing nursing school and taking a full-time night shift position, they usually think that I am a little crazy. After all, I work anywhere from 36-60 hours per week, almost all in the overnight hours, at the hospital, and they always want to know when I have time to work at the store.

The real answer is that I don't always have time. In fact, I have only worked once in the last month. However, I can't give it up because the girls I work with at Bath and Body Works have become my family. After our manager, Lisa, got sick several years ago, we all banded together to help her through chemo and radiation and to keep the store running in her absence. And after she passed away about a year and a half ago, we banded together again to help each other through our loss. And now, each year, we band together to walk as team Lisa's Tribe in a local Relay for Life event, to raise money to fight the horrible disease that is cancer and to pay tribute to Lisa.

Every three weeks or so, we have a floorset change in the store, usually on a Sunday night, and when it is over, there is a group of four of us who always heads to Applebee's for half-priced appetizers and girl time. We call Applebee's our "Zone Six" (our store is divided into five "zones," which is what makes Applebee's the sixth one). Sometimes others join us, but unless I am working at the hospital the night of floorset, the four of us are always there, without fail.

Last year, the four of us, along with a couple of others, headed to Dresden, OH, to tour Longaberger land. It was our first big road trip, and we had a blast. We have since done flea market trips and other short jaunts, and our next road trip is this Thursday. We are heading down to Gettysburg, to Boyd's Bear Country, for their annual Longaberger event. We will also be hitting the outlets in the area. It's a ROAD TRIP! And I can't wait!

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been working a lot, trying to fulfill the hours for the summer bonus contract I signed. I am 32 hours from the fulfillment of that contract, and I have all 32 of those hours schedule in the next three weeks. But for now? I am heading a road trip. We will be wearing matching t-shirts and giggling like teenagers and spending money like champs. And I will come back revived and ready for more work.

I just have to make it through the days leading up to it first.

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Gunngirl said...

ROAD TRIP! I want to take one. I bet it is a lot of fun. I don't think I'll take one, but I plan on taking some vacation in the near future. Glad you get out and enjoy things even with working your tail off. I'm glad B&B works is also fun for you, it would be bad if it was a PT job you had to force yourself to go to, at least you have friends there. Enjoy your jaunts. Haven't been to Applebees in a while, should check it out again.