Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Citizens

One thing that I love about the internet is that it has shrunk the world down into what can fit on my computer screen. And one thing I have loved about this is the fact that the internet can come together like nobody's business to help someone who is in need.

I am a member of The Nest, and I found out yesterday that there is a fellow Nestie who could use some help. She is expecting her first child in six weeks, and on August 25, her home burned to the ground due to a wildfire. She and her husband lost everything but the clothes on their backs and the photos he was able to rescue from their home before being evacuated. He was also able to save their dog, and I believe that their cat, who was outside the home at the time, is also okay. However, she is left with a little one to prepare for (they had just finished the nursery) and nothing with which to welcome this baby home.

If you are interested in reading her story and seeing how you can help, her blog is called Rising from the Ashes. And the women on the Success After a Loss board on The Nest are spearheading some efforts to help her out. If this story speaks to you and you are interested in helping Brooke and her husband out, you can e-mail me at thomas(dot)mm(at)gmail(dot)com for contact information for those who are working this all out.

And if you don't have the means to help right now, I am sure prayers and good thoughts and positive vibes would also be appreciated!

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