Monday, June 02, 2008

Over-the-shoulder Boulder Holder

I might go into the area of things you don't need to know about me right now, also known as TMI.

That's your only warning.

Anyhoo, I am currently rocking the sports bra right now, complete with uni-boob because the other night at work, I finally decided I had had ENOUGH. If the indentations from the underwire at the side of my, um, "girls" were any indication, my bra was NOT fitting me. I have long had issues with bras (buying the wrong size, buying the wrong fit, buying cheap bras, etc.), and I thought I had found a solution. I went from wearing a 38C to a 40D, and I thought all would be right with the world.

I was wrong.

In the back of my mind, after enduring the pain of about 18 hours in a bra that wasn't particularly comfortable from the moment I put it on that day, I decided I had to do something. I went on-line, Google'd the term "bra sizing," and learned a somewhat painful lesson.

I am supposed to be wearing a 42DD (42E to some manufacturers).

That would explain why the underwires were trying to permanently mark up my bosom. I have been wearing the wrong size.

When I met Bill, I had a large collection of beautiful bras in size 38B. I also had quite an outstanding balance on my Victoria's Secret credit card. And I had matching underwear for all those bras. And also some slightly skewed priorities (Hey, I was young and looking for a man. Don't judge.).

After a few years (and more than a few pounds), I moved up to a 38C. I had gained some extra boobage, and I needed a larger cup. I bought more beautiful bras and matching underwear. I ended up with a larger balance on the credit card.

I went to nursing school. I gained 35 pounds. I started working as a nurse. I needed white bras and underwear to go under my white uniforms (although we get to wear those fun print scrub tops in the NICU, so I don't have to wear the whole white deal like some nurses do).

I moved up to a 40D. Initially, everything felt good. The girls had more room, the band seemed to fit much better, and I was pretty darn comfortable.

Lately, it has not been so. I haven't really gained any more weight (although I have not lost any either), but the bras I have are not fitting. And I am down to about four bras total (none of which really fit) because I finally got rid of most of the old beautiful ones that were just taking up room in my drawer). And since I can't handle this uni-boob look, I am going to do something about it. I know what I should be wearing...I am going to go TRY ON SOME BRAS (What? You have always done this? Well, I never have. Don't judge.), and I am hoping that when I go into work tomorrow night, I will be wearing something that is not torturing me and leaving bruises and red marks on the sides of my boobs.

This is my dream.

Doesn't every woman deserve that?


Becky said...

I have a friend, with similar issues you describe here, who has worn TWO bras ( at the same time) since, well, puberty. I feel your pain and wish you luck following that dream....

lonna said...

I have a humongous chest and I always have. I think that my first bra in 5th grade was a freaking B cup and I was up to a C by freshman year. When I was nursing I was wearing a G cup, and I honestly think I could have used a bigger one. My problem is that my band size is so large that I don't have the option of trying bras on. I have to order online. Also, I have to buy the ugly industrial bras and they never have underwear to match. Hopefully as I'm losing weight this will change. I have already gone down 6 numbers in my band size. I really should have a professional measure my bra size, but how embarrassing is that? Let's just say that I feel your pain and some people really don't seem to get it.

NME said...

I know I'm wearing the wrong size and should be measured. Problem is that I have a nursing bra I like for usability and it only goes to a size D cup - and though I know I defintely wear a DD if not more - I continue to buy it.

Jen said...

I went through the whole bra search earlier this year. I even had someone measure me, but t doesn't end there. Even when you know your true size, some fits and/or brands just don't flatter you even if they are the right size.

I tried on dozens at Macy's and finally found a style I could live with. But I got it home and it was all wrong. I tried again, trying on lots more. Again, I took it home and after wearing it for a while found that it was a failure. All I wanted was a bra that was comfortable and I didn't have to tug at all day, that wouldn't be really obvious under my clothes, or give me the dreaded "double boob" where your boobs squish out over the top, or pointy or square boobs. I don't even care if my bras are pretty anymore.

Finally after many trips back and forth to Macy's who actually took back all of the ones I tried even after I had worn them- I found the bra for me. And what a relief; I don't even have to think about my bra anymore, it is just there.

So, I feel your pain. You must go and try on many many bras in order to get to bra utopia, but it will be worth it. Good luck.