Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some things I don't need...

I tend to spend money on a lot of the same things. And they are all things that I don't need. To remind myself of this fact, I thought I would blog about it...with the thought that maybe when I see it in print, I will know it is true. Maybe.

So here we go...things I don't need:
  • More yarn - I have so many projects started (by projects, I mean scarves), and I have other yarn waiting to be made into projects (scarves). I don't need any more...not this year, and maybe not ever.
  • T-shirts - My favorite t-shirt is the Cherokee Ultimate Tee, available at Target. It comes in short-sleeved, 3/4-sleeve, and long-sleeved varieties. The latter two are on sale right now for $7...but I don't need them! I have a drawer dull of the short-sleeved ones and a drawer full of the long-sleeved ones. I DON'T NEED ANYMORE! I need to stop buying them. As an aside, I probably need to stop going to Target altogether...but when I am there, I need to stops buying these t-shirts.
  • Anything from Wawa, other than gas - I am a big fan of Wawa sandwiches. They have the screen where you order your sandwich the way you want it, and they create it for you fresh. My mom and I often get lunch there on Fridays before bowling. I don't need to go there any other time.
  • Books - I have about ten books lying around that I have not yet read. And I have a library card. I don't need to buy more books.
  • 20 oz. bottles of soda - I don't need to throw a soda in my cart when I at the grocery store, just because the refrigerator is right there. I have cans of soda at home that work just as well. The only exception to this is an occasional soda from the soda machine at work. However, even that should be kept to a minimum because I am allowed to bring cans of soda to work from home...and that is what I should do.
  • Fast food - I need to keep my fast food consumption down to one every two or three weeks. This week, I have hit the drive thru at McDonald's no less than three times. That adds up, and it isn't the healthiest food out there!
That should be enough to get me started. Now, I am going to go read a book from the library and do some knitting with yarn I already own. And I will be drinking a can of soda that I got out of my garage. For lunch, I will eat a sandwich made of lunchmeat I already have in my refrigerator. And when I go to work later, I will wear a Cherokee Ultimate Tee that I already own...not one that I made a special trip to Target to buy since it was on sale.

Looks like it will be a busy day...


lonna said...

I am so with you on the books. We haven't even been to our library yet to get a card. I have a ton of unread books, but boy, so many books look interesting! Good luck.

Gunngirl said...

LOL at the Target thing. I LOVE Target, I can usually find at least one thing to buy there, unless I really don't have any money and must be thrifty I can actually walk out empty handed. (gasp)

I also agree with books, though I have gone to Borders plenty of times and left with nothing. I just like Borders and love going in there. I like buying books too and never read them. I, too, own a library card and I always tell myself, I'm not buying that I'll get it from the library first. Good list, I think it's doable.

NME said...

I am SO with you on the Target. I went there today to look for something specific - and they didn't have it. But before realizing that I had accumulated a few other things in my cart. It took all the power I had to NOT buy those things because I hadn't planned on them and didn't really need them. Somehow I made it out alive.
Good luck!