Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Today, we here in the Pocono Mountains got more of the white stuff. And after it snowed a couple of inches, it was kind enough to sleet and rain (and the rain was kind enough to freeze), and we were left with a nice fluffy snow cover with a less nice crust on top.

However, our neighbor has a four-wheeler with a plow, and he is the neighbor of the year because he cheerfully plows for us in exchange for a few beers and some conversation.

Anyway, I was scheduled to work at the mall today, and I am in the earning-as-much-money-as-possible mood, so I set out in my Subaru for Bath and Body Works under grey skies that were not yet precipitating.

That changed within the first two minutes of my journey.

By the time I pulled into the McDonald's that is ten minutes south of us, the road was covered.

I continued to brave the elements, however, and I made it to the mall. Some C-R-A-Z-Y people (mostly men who were thrilled by the lack of crowds) were, in fact, shopping, and our store was a mess, so it was a fruitful four hours. And I cleared a little over $25 (money is NOT in retail, people).

The trip home was less enjoyable, especially when I got to my neighborhood. However, I made it up the driveway and safely into the house.

And now I am enjoying this:

I was in the mood for a Red Bull and Vodka after I found two cans of Red Bull (sugar-free) in my garage. The only vodka I had in my freezer was Stoli Vanil. And on my first try, I added too much vodka. Therefore, I guess you can just go ahead and call this a double. I think I have earned it!

The glass has a story. In Sharon, PA, there is a restaurant called the Quaker Steak & Lube. There are smaller fast food-type Lubes all over the Pittsburgh area, but the real Lube is the one in Sharon. I went there one night with friends in college, drank one (or three) too many beers out of This Very Glass and then stashed it in my purse for a ride back to campus.

It is one of my favorite mementos from college.

And it held my booze very well tonight.

Now, I am off to snuggle with my hubby and fight off the dog. He likes to snuggle too...


The Princess said...

Oh how I miss Quaker Steak....I can taste their wings now....Haven't been there since I graduated from college in 2000!

I think I'm going to have to go to their site and order some sauce now!!

Gunngirl said...

Hmmm, looks like a nice, warm, and cozy room to drink in too. I'll take a glass. (I like that you swiped it too)

Jen said...

Glad you made it back safe. You are really dedicated to work that hard to get to work for only four hours. Bath and Body Works is lucky to have you!