Friday, November 16, 2007


I have not been feeling very witty as of late, and I have not been blogging like I should be. In fact, I have not even been reading blogs like I should be! I have been keeping up with a few people out there in the Blogosphere, but for the most part I have been working and sleeping and not finding much time for anything in between that.

However, I just enjoyed my first of six nights off, and I have big plans for that time! First of all, I have got to do some house cleaning. Now, I hate cleaning the house. I would happily live in squalor, I think, because I don't notice things like dust bunnies in the corners or spots on the stove top. Those things are just outside of my notice. However, my husband is one who complains on occasion about the state of our home. He has been known to pile all my stuff up and issue orders for me to put it away. This method, of course, doesn't work with me, so those things stay where they are, and others things are piled on top of them. I am SO mature.

It has not escaped my notice that the holidays are coming, and I would like to go in to this festive season with a clean slate. Before long, Bill and the boys will head off into the woods (unless the boys are too busy doing More Important Things) to cut down our Christmas tree, and we will be getting ready to welcome visitors into our home for various reasons throughout January. Therefore, I should really get a jump on things before I lose the sudden urge to clean it all up.

There are bathrooms to clean, rugs to vacuum, floors to sweep, a refrigerator to clean out, a bedroom to straighten up, an office to organize, and furniture to dust. If I start now, it should only take me to 2009. So you know where to find me this weekend, in between a basketball game and my nephew's Baptism. I will be that lady kneeling in the corner, trying to take down the kind of dust bunny that can only come about if you share your life with a long-haired dog. Let's hope that dust bunny doesn't win!

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