Monday, August 13, 2007

Two posts in one day! Who has a day off?

Yeah, the answer would be me. Also, that's two posts by 8:03 AM! It has to be some sort of record!

Anywho, my husband went to Cleveland this weekend to see the Browns play (we are season ticket holders, even though we live on the side of Pennsylvania that is NOT next to Ohio), and he took with him my Kodak digital camera that I received as a shower gift from my bridesmaids. When he wanted to take a digital camera with him places, I used to send him with a little Sony that he got me several years ago, but the dog chewed up the memory stick that went with it, so it is out of commission. Therefore, he has been taking my good camera, and he has managed to bring it home every time.

Until now.

That's right...the man left my camera somewhere in Cleveland. AND HE'S NOT SURE WHERE!!!

This is ironic, actually, because I have been considering getting a new camera, a digital SLR model. I started thinking about this when I saw Nikon's ads about their Picturetown experiment, in which they gave 200 people in the town of Georgetown, SC, a Nikon D40 to prove that anyone can take a great picture with said camera in their hands. Like a dog with a bone, I wanted that camera.

Bill was less enthusiastic about this plan. After all, I have had my Kodak, a very nice point and shoot with a 10X optical zoom, for less than a year (my shower was August 19, 2006). And it's a good camera, certainly good enough for what I use it for. However, I see other photos out there in the Blogosphere, including those by Dooce, and I want to be able to shoot pictures like that. And I can't do that with my current camera.

Now, I don't seem to have that Kodak anymore. And Bill told me that he was going to plan to replace it as a Christmas gift. Therefore, I have spent the last three hours comparing the Nikon D40 and the Canon Rebel XT on the internet. I have salivated over the extra lenses available (the Canon seems to have a wider selection at lower prices), I have read the reviews (on Circuit City's site, the Nikon is rated a little higher), and I have looked at the features available on each camera as it comes right out of the box as the kit (Canon's 8.0 MP vs. Nikon's 6.1 MP).

I was impressed by the Picturetown thing. However, my friend Leandra has a Rebel and takes gorgeous pictures with it. I have had the D40 on my mind for months now. But the Rebel looks so good.

So I have made a decision. I have chosen the Rebel.

I sent Bill the link to it this morning. Here's hoping Santa brings me one this year! I think I have been a good girl...I hope he agrees!

And until then, I will be borrowing my mom's little Kodak point-and-shoot digital. It's not as good as the one I lost...but it will help me get by until a new toy arrives at my house!


Jen said...

I have the Nikon D50, but I am sure the D40 and the Rebel are both good, so I am sure you will be happy either way. They all take beautiful pictures, just don't expect to take masterpieces right out of the box. There is a bit of a learning curve and it isn't just the camera that makes Heather's (Dooce) photos so great- there is a lot of talent behind it.

You will probably want to get another memory stick to keep that point-and-shoot Sony going as well, as the digital SLRs are big and bulky and sometimes it is nice to have a small camera to take around with you as well. I have a sweet little Nikon 8MP P1 that I take around with me everyday and it has the wonderful feature of having built-in wi-fi, so I can transfer images to my computers wirelessly.

Anyway, whatever you end up getting, have fun and take tons of pictures!

Kristin said...

Check out Consumer Reports just to see what they have to say about the different cameras...that may change your decision. Santa doesn't need a definite answer just yet.