Saturday, August 11, 2007


I weighed in this morning and found that, in one week, I had gained 4.2 pounds. This is due to two things...Musikfest and a complete lack of willpower on my part. I know that I did not gain 4.2 pounds of fat this week...but the scale is 4.2 pounds heavier, and I now stand at 20.4 total pounds lost, when last week I was at 24.6 pounds, a mere 0.4 pounds from 25. Aack.

Musikfest is a ten-day music festival that takes place in the city of Bethlehem, PA. Like any festival in Pennsylvania (I would imagine this is true elsewhere too), there is a lot of food there. I attended Musikfest only two days, but I tried to fit into those two days many of my favorites. And none of them were "on plan."

Of course, it's only a week, so I can't expect it to continue to effect my weight loss. That is the job of my lack of willpower. The good news is that Weight Watchers has helped me improve in this area (when not faced by fest food), and my discipline has been much stronger as well. I am proud of myself for realizing that this is just an off week in a long journey to a healthier me. It is not an invitation to fall off the wagon for good and gain back all those pounds that I worked so hard to take off. Next week is a new week, and with it comes new challenges and new opportunities for success.

I just wish this week's challenges had not shown up so apparently on the scale...

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