Tuesday, July 03, 2007


As much as I appreciated Miss Zoot's free Blogger templates, now that Blogger has gone all fancy and allowed us to do more designing of our own templates, I thought I would do a bit of a redesign. I was not sure how this would work out because I do not have Photoshop (although I do covet it), so I didn't know what kind of fancy work I could do with my photos.

It turns out that the photo editing software that came with my computer (HP Photosmart Premier) has some fancy tools of its own! After creating a panorama, cropping it, and resizing it, I came up with the images marching across the top of my blog right now. The photo on the left is of me and Bill last summer. The second is of Collin and Bill on that same day. The third is of Connor, pitching in a baseball game for his school. The fourth, as you can all see, is of Otto, the dog who chewed a hole in the wall of the living room this past weekend (can you say "on my shit list?"). And the final shot is of our house during the winter, during one of our many snow storms. It is my least favorite time of year, but it is a nice picture of our house on the mountain.

Now that Blogger is all fancy, I might be able to re-add all that fun stuff I used to have in my sidebar, when I have the time. Right now, I am enjoying my last few hours of freedom before I head back into work for another stretch of three nights. And by enjoying my last few hours of freedom, I mean wading through the loads of laundry that should have been done a week ago. Anyway, look for some changes around these parts! I am sure you can hardly stand the excitement!


Jen said...

I like it! The panorama turned out very nice. Redecorating is fun, even if it is only on your blog.

The Princess said...

Wow, look at you all web designing!!