Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My poochy pooch...

I find myself becoming one of those people who feels horribly guilty when she has to leave her dog every day to go to work. Why can't I just be independently wealthy so that I could lounge around all day? He is just such a happy dog and is so thrilled to have me home during the day, and when I have to leave for work, he looks at me like, "Hey, what's goin' on? Where ya goin'? When will ya be back?" Luckily, I know that Bill arrives home soon after I leave for work, so that makes me happier. I used to have no problem leaving the dog in his crate for 10-14 hours a day while we were at work and I was at school. But now that we leave him out of the crate more often than not and I have to see his eyes as I walk out the door, it bothers me. However, we do have a joyful reunion each morning when I arrive home, and then when I am sleeping during the day, he comes to snuggle once in a while. It's a nice arrangement.

On the other hand, I don't get to see my husband for days at a time. The last time I actually laid eyes on the man was Saturday morning, and I will not be seeing him until I arrive home from Bath and Body Works at about 9:30 tomorrow night. It's the Big Semi-Annual Sale starting this week, folks, so I have more hours at the store than I am used to. Sometimes, it doesn't even feel like I am married. It feels more like I am living with a roommate who I don't even have all that much in common with. Luckily, we both are secure in our feelings for each other because otherwise I don't know how we would handle this!

I am going to into a stretch of three nights off from the hospital at least, so I won't have to sleep in the big bed alone. And no, I won't be sharing it with the dog...because for a few nights, at least, I will have me a husband!

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Jen said...

I know what you mean both about hating to leave Otto, and about being married but hardly ever seeing your husband. I hate leaving the dogs as well, but at least they have each other and the whole tiled downstairs area to play and the dog door to the backyard, so they have it pretty good. I liked it better for them when Andy and I were on opposing shifts and they were only alone for two hours a day.

Which brings me to the other thing. In the less than six years we have been married, I think Andy has spent about half of that time on second shift while I was on first. His last stint on second was for a whole year. Now that he is back on first it is an adjustment just to get used to having him around in the afternoons/evenings. It is good for us, but not as good for the dogs. If we could ever get our new house built it would be great because i could go home at lunch time and hang out with them. But it is too far to drive right now.