Friday, April 20, 2007

Help a fellow blogger out...

And I don't mean me.

I didn't know if it would be worth it to do this because this blog doesn't get the traffic of the "big guys." However, I finally figured that if even one person visits this blog and feels compelled to help, it will be worth the time I take writing this.

Let me explain...

Heather has found out quite recently that she has a brain tumor. More specifically, it is thought to be a glioma that may not be operable. She has an appointment on April 25th at the Mayo Clinic to get what will hopefully be a better-than-that second opinion (or maybe third...I think she is going for a second opinion today closer to home). The trip to the Mayo Clinic is going to be expensive. And this is where you come in.

BooMama has spearheaded an effort to raise money for Heather and her family to help offset the cost of the trip to the Mayo Clinic. Information about donating can be found here. So far, the total is well over $10,000. That is the power of the Blogosphere, circling around Heather and letting her know that we care. Donations are made through PayPal. If you could forego your daily cup of coffee or trip to the vending machine at work and send that money to Heather instead, you could join us as we work to make a difference for this family.

Did I mention Heather is a mom? And one of her children has special needs?

If you do want to donate and you need a more compelling reason to do so, Chris is offering a chance to win a prize in exchange for your donation to Heather. She has gotten many talented people to donate many beautiful things, all for free, all for thanking you for helping Heather.

And if you want to keep track of just how generous the Blogosphere is, you can go here. It's mind-boggling. We bloggers can make a difference.

Please, won't you give?

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