Saturday, March 10, 2007

On the road...

Last night, I had my first appointment with a personal trainer ever. Well, let me tell you, it was an experience. Of course, there was the whole health history and screening thing to start out the session. After being told my blood pressure seemed a little high (I get situational high BP when I am at places like the doctor's office or at a new gym for the VERY FIRST TIME) and my resting heart rate was up there too (see above), I got to step on the scale for a lovely weigh-in. Now, I went to Weight Watchers last week and know full well what I weigh. However, I am okay with the world not knowing. Anyway, even with my running shoes on, I was 3 pounds less than my Weight Watchers weight from Monday, so hopefully that will show a loss this Monday when I do weigh in!

Next, she pulled out her tape measure to measure all my body parts. Bust? Check! Waist? Check! Hips? Check! Thigh? Calf? Arm? Check! Check! Check! Nausea upon being confronted with those out of control high numbers? Oh, yeah!

We strapped on a heart monitor and headed out to a treadmill to test what it would take to get my heart rate up to a fat-burning rate, and it wasn't too bad. The treadmill is nice, and there are lots of TVs around. And there is also a spot to put a magazine on the treadmill so you don't have to see the screen that is counting your time, so I am going to be all about that. After 15 minutes of the treadmill, she moved me to the elliptical, which is where the real fun began...

I used to do the elliptical at a former gym for 20-30 minutes before feeling like I might just die. Last night? Two minutes in, and I was feeling the burn. Three minutes in, and the heart monitor was showing my pulse heading into the "danger zone." She suggested I work my way up to longer times on the elliptical. I just wanted to get off the damned thing!

On to the arc trainer. It looks similar to the elliptical, but your hips don't go into a full rotation. It's more of a back and forth movement. Again with the burn. Again with the higher heart rate. Again with the suggestion to work my way up to it.

Our session done, I scheduled another for Monday to learn how to use the resistance machines, and then I headed back to a treadmill to finish out my workout. And this morning, I plan to head back again for a little more. Maybe I will try the exercise bike in addition to the treadmill this time. That can't kill me, right? There will be plenty of time for the elliptical!!

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gunngirl said...

I would have lasted only 3 minutes too. But once she pulled out that tape measure, I'd been gone. LOL