Monday, March 05, 2007

Baby steps...

Today, I achieved the two things I set out to do, which were to join Weight Watchers and join a gym. That I even did these things on my own, without a friend along, is a major coup for me because I hate doing new things, especially alone. But I did it!

This morning, I put a call into the gym, asking for information. The membership person wasn't available, and I was told she would call me back. I waited for a while, and I didn't hear from her. Part of me wanted to use this as an excuse. "I called her, and she didn't call back, so I couldn't join the gym. It's not my fault!" However, when I was driving by that gym on my way to the grocery store later in the day, I decided to stop in and request information. And I did. And they gave me the information. And I signed up. And I got a free t-shirt! How's that for a Monday?

Earlier in the day, I had driven up to Stroudsburg, found the Weight Watchers meeting place, waited in line for weigh in, and signed on for the first time as an official member of Weight Watchers. I will not tell you what the scale said, except that it was Not Pretty, but it was amazing to be in this room of people who really understood being overweight and fighting to overcome it. I am so glad I took this step.

As for the gym, it is lovely and clean and new, with expensive and well-kept cardio and weight machines, TVs at every cardio machine (with headphones so you don't drive everyone nuts), and towels provided! Love that! I actually am looking forward to working out there. It's little expensive, but it will be worth it. I go for my first free personal training session on Friday.

I am so proud of me!


Also, every time I typed "gym" up there in this post, I actually typed "gyn" the first time and had to go back and fix it. That would have made it a whole different entry!

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NME said...

Those are HUGE steps. I commend you and wish you well.