Wednesday, February 14, 2007


When I left work at 7:00 PM last night, it was to head to my parents' house, which is in the same town where this here hospital is. My husband had called to tell me conditions were not good at home, and since I think ahead (sometimes), I had clothes packed in case I got stuck down here.

Today, I left my parents' house and headed in to work, and it wasn't bad because no one was out yet. And then when I got to work, I called my husband to report in, and he told me that it might be a good idea to stay at my parents' again because it was really bad there, and it didn't seem like it would end before 7:00 tonight.

I am spending my first Valentine's Day as a married woman with my parents, their dog, and their two cats. My husband is at home, being driven batty by a puppy that apparently doesn't like the snow. Tomorrow, I will wear to work the same outfit that I wore yesterday because I only brought one extra outfit with me when I headed out yesterday.

Ain't love grand?


NME said...

Oh well! At least you know your Valentine is out there and looking forward to seeing you - and you are still spending the night with loved ones.

Becky said...

Ahhhh,, married life... ain't it romantic?

I just tagged you on my sight..... hope you get the chance to share!

Kristin said...

Things could be worse than spending your first Valentine's Day with your parents. You could've spent it in the hospital from trying to get home...and I don't mean as a nurse. Now you have all weekend to celebrate.