Saturday, November 18, 2006

Product plug, or My new obsession with wedding photos...

You all know how I feel about the Internet. I think it's a great thing. I have made friends through eDiets and blogging, I have met a husband, I have bought many things, I have found new recipes, and I have kept reasonably up-to-date on the goings-on in the world, all through the wonder of the Internet.

One site that I use pretty often without ever going through the learning of all the intricacies of it is Snapfish. Many of us exchange photos over the Internet, and it seems like most of the people in my circle choose this site with which to do it. I keep in touch with Kelly in this way, as well as many of the Diamonds girls. It's a user-friendly site that lets you store your photos for free as long as you buy something from them once in a while. I used to have trouble doing this because I print most pictures at home or at Wal-Mart.

This is no longer a problem.

See, my photographer gave me a disk with 635 wedding photos on it. Along with the disk, he handed over all the rights to said photos. Although I will get a proof album from him, and we will eventually order a beautiful library-bound wedding album from him, for now my precious disk of pictures holds all my wedding memories. And one day last week, I set all 635 photos to upload to Snapfish and headed off to work for the day.

When I got home, they had all uploaded, and I was faced with many, many decisions about what to do with the pictures. My mom went ahead and ordered 297 prints from Snapfish and created an album all her own. I ordered a couple of 8X10s to display around my house. And then, when browsing through the gift ideas section, I came across what could become my new obsession...the memory book.

I spent an hour choosing about 40 photos to place in a 20-page memory album that traced the story of my wedding day. I was able to choose fun layouts and place anywhere from one to four pictures on each page. I was able to add captions and a silver cover and get this memory book made up and sent to my house. And while the first one was the bargain price of $19.99, each additional one was 25% off of that. I ordered four. And that is how I started my Christmas shopping this year.

Now, I can't stop thinking about what else I can do with my wedding pictures on Snapfish. I am moving on to making memory books as gifts for my husband's side of the family. And maybe one for me. And maybe a book of pictures of Otto. Oh, and how about a calendar to hang on my wall. A t-shirt? A coffee mug?

I was looking for a hobby...hopefully, this one won't end up costing too much.


gunngirl said...

A calender is cool. Wow, 635? He was a picture taking guru. I'm glad that you're able to narrow it down and get the ones you want.

I'm still so excited for you! I don't think I'd ever get over finding love over the internet.

The Yales said...

I LOVE photobooks!! Did you get it yet? They are amazing! I have done a lot for gifts and it is something you will always treasure. I like to call it hi-tech scrapbooking! :)