Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Better than drunk dialing...

Here it is, Thanksgiving Eve, and I am at home. My wonderful new husband is out with his buddies, but I decided to stay in for the evening and make use of a couple of shower and wedding Kitchenaid stand mixer, a springform pan, and a bottle of Franklin Hills Berrylicious carbonated white wine with natural raspberry flavor. What do those things add up to? A domestic goddess, of course!

Let me explain. I was talking to my best friend Amy today about her Thanksgiving plans, and she started telling me about all the yummy goodness she is creating to feed her husband's family on Thanksgiving. Somewhere in there were the words "pumpkin swirl cheesecake." My dessert radar perked right up because I love me some cheesecake! Fast forward to later in the evening, when I was contemplating what to make for dessert tomorrow with my husband's family. Why, a pumpkin cheesecake may be nice! One search of the Internet, one trip to the grocery store, and 2/3 of a bottle of sparkling wine later, and it's in the oven! I can bake too! It's my first cheesecake, and it had better be good!

I have also just finished watching the premiere of the Real World Denver. It looks like it will be an interesting season, what with all the girl-on-girl action and the homophobic black guy! Stay tuned for interesting happenings! Am I too old to watch this stuff? Nah!

Tomorrow, two local high schools with face off for their annual Thanksgiving day football game. The teams are Easton (a Pennsylvania team) and Phillipsburg (the high school in the town my husband is from). Because this is the 100th meeting of the two teams, it will be televised on ESPN. When I was in high school, this game mattered not at all to me because I didn't go to either school. Now? I have my sweatshirt all ready to wear tomorrow. Go, P-burg! Beat Easton!

Anyway, I think that's about it. I have to go cuddle with my puppy now. Have a happy turkey day, everyone!

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