Thursday, November 02, 2006

Holding down the fort...

Eleven days into our marriage, Bill had to head off to Indianapolis on a business trip. Therefore, Otto and I are here, holding down the fort on our own. I asked one of the people I work with if it was bad to look forward to having the house to myself for a few days this early into our marriage. They assured me it was perfectly normal.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am loving being married. I didn't think it would feel that different from living together, but I was wrong. It is amazing to experience the level of commitment and the amount of love that we have for one another, especially in the formal context of our marriage. But sometimes, I like being along too!

I spent yesterday doing a whole lot of nothing. I did some grocery shopping and went to the bank to change my name. I ate food that was not good for me. I spent some time reading blogs and hanging out on The Nest. I gave Otto a bath (he was not happy). I lounged around on the couch, reading magazines and knitting. It was a perfect day, and I capped it off my being asleep by 9:00 PM. Ah, life is good.

Today, I plan a morning of nothing, and I have gotten a good start. I watched two On Demand episodes of Merge on the Lifetime On Demand network. I spent some more time on The Nest. I read a little bit about baby-making because we are working on getting started on that. And I did some Sudoku puzzles from the new book that I got for myself! Unfortunately, I have class tonight, so I will have to leave here eventually. But for now? I am just livin' it up, in a lowkey style!


The Princess said...

That to was hard for me when I got married...finding some "Me" time and that theme will carry through when you have children. It is SO important to take it.

So happy for you though and your new married life!!

Becoming_Me said...

I enjoy my "me" time too..I'm actually feeling guilty about not wanting to go shopping with Hubby & MIL on Saturday, just so I can stay home alone, but I NEED the time.

Do you have a provfile on the nest? What's your screen name?
*Beware* dont bother reading the trouble in paradise boards, they'll make you crazy! LOL

Steph said...

Pictures pictures, we need pictures. :)

Becky said...

New to your blog..... wandered here while blog surfing!
Congrats on teh new wedding and upcoming nursing career! (I started at the bottom and worked my way up!)