Wednesday, July 19, 2006


When you move in with a man for the first time, and you are moving into said man's own home, you sometimes find that certain things have been, well, neglected in the past. One of those neglected things will most certainly be the grocery shopping. When I got here, Bill had in his refrigerator beer, milk, orange juice, eggs, various condiments, and a mango. I know. It defies explanation. But there it was.

Today, I am off all day. I do have some schoolwork to do, but it can be done right here in the comfort of my own home, in front of the computer. In the interest of saving gas, I am staying here. All day. For the first time. Alone.

I decided, then, that today would make a good cleaning day. I was all ready, with my Clorox cleaning products, complete with Teflon (sucker for a gimmick...see product junkie for more details), my rubber gloves, and my roll of paper towels. I tackled both bathrooms in one day. I even took the yucky old shower head off of the master bath shower and replaced it with the one that Bill bought for me Christmas this past of those detachable ones with the four spray options. By myself. With a wrench.

Now, I am all sweaty and gross, and I need to take a shower. But it's so clean! I don't want to mess it up! That, my friends, is why I don't make my bed. Why do something just to undo it? Instead, you can just close the door...

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Steph said...

I get days like that too! I clean everywhere! And afterwards I don't want to cook or use the bathroom LOL Congrats on settling in to domesticity! :)