Thursday, June 01, 2006

Product Junkie

After reading a couple of other people's posts about their tendency toward being product whores or product queens, I thought I would share a little bit about how I am a little, teeny, minute bit like them in my product junkie ways. You know those commercials touting the NEW and IMPROVED formulation of (soap, deoderant, razors, lotions, toothburshes) that we see on TV? Those were made for me. I am an advertiser's dream. I believe what they say, and then I spend my money on what they are selling. Without fail. Almost every time.

Well, I shouldn't say that. I don't buy things I don't need (much). But if I am in the market for a new toothbrush and a new kind of toothbrush comes out? I might have to get that new kind. Bonus for the toothbrush if Dooce's husband endorses it first. Yes, that's right. I bought a toothbrush based on television advertisement AND the opinion of a man I have never met who lives in Utah. I do have to say that I love, love, love my new toothbrush...but as soon as a new version comes out, I am sure I will move on.

Making this more difficult is the fact that I am employed by a bath product store that you can find at your local mall. Every item that comes into our store is one that I "have to try." New scent? Have to try it! Shimmer lotion? Must have it! Now, I ask you...I work and go to school most hours of the week. My shoulders don't often see the light of day because I don't often wear tank tops. Why do I need shimmer lotion? Have I used it? But I had to have it!

Once in a while, a product comes along that I fall in love with. And I continue to have my favorites. I am a huge fan of the entire Vitamin E skin care line from The Body Shop. I also love their Tea Tree cleanser because the Vitamin E cleanser is a cream cleanser, and I don't like those. I am also enamored by the Lemon Body Lotion and Lemon Body Cream sold within the C.O. Bigelow at Bath and Body Works. I have looked my whole life (well, since I was aware of my moisturizer needs) for the lotion that will last all day and not leave me with scaly legs by the end of the day. C.O. Bigelow gave me that lotion. I use the cream during the winter and on dryer places like my knees and elbows. It is the best.

So that's a little bit about me and my product junkie ways. If I had more money, I would truly be dangerous. As it is, I have to lust after things and dream of the day when I will be able to give in truly to my desire to try every new thing on the market...or most of them, anyway.


In knitting news, I am about to embark on my biggest project ever! I cannot reveal details because the recipient is someone who reads this blog. But it will be big! And exciting! And hopefully, finished someday!


Kat said...

My mom calls me a toilletry whore. She says I have way too many lotions, creams, washes and sprays and maybe I do, but sometimes you just don't feel like smelling the same every day...

PreppyGirl said...

I am a gadget whore. If it looks slick, works well and shaves 3 seconds off my day, I'm all for it. I'm addicted to ingenuity!

I wanna try that all day cream you're talking about. I can't take how dry my skin gets in the winter!

gunngirl said...

I love body washes, creams, stuff like that. I love scented stuff. I'm with you, if I had more money I have a lot more stuff I'd never use.

As it stands I'm more of a DVD and Video Game whore. TV on DVD specifically.

Red said...

Thanks for the shout-out, and nice post! I also like the lemon body cream of CO Bigelow. And B&BW is (pardon my reverting to the 90s for a moment) DA BOMB when it comes to fall candles.

The Princess said...

When I worked for Express, we got an awesome discount at Bath & Body. Talk about a product junkie! Every new scent that came out or new product, I had to have it ~ and of course that discount just didn't help any!