Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rural America

In two weeks, I am moving into Bill's house. Bill's house is in a more rural area of Monroe County, in the Pocono Mountains, sort of stuck between two larger towns (and by "larger towns," I mean "towns that have a grocery store and fast food restaurants").

I didn't realize really how rural we were talking until I noticed two things yesterday while leaving said rural area. The first was that to get to "town" (and this town is more of the "two bars, one church, and one gas station" variety), I had to pass cows. There were lovely Holsteins, grazing in a field. Behind someone's house. Not on a farm. The second was that while I was coming out of the gas station, where I had stopped to buy a soda, I witnessed a woman driving up to the pump on her ride-on mower to fill the gas tank on that bad boy. Yep. She rode her mower to the gas station.

Green Acres, here I come!


NME said...

I hope that sounds heavenly to you. To me it sounds like death.

gunngirl said...

I can't even pretend I know what that looks like. I've been a city gal my whole life, but that sounds like a nice house I'd like to have for when I worked on my book.

Grazing with the cows, that sounds like just the quiet I'd need.

Hope you'll enjoy it! LOL at the lawn mower thing.

Rude Cactus said...

Sometimes I really think that sounds like the perfect life. Other times it horrifies me.