Sunday, April 23, 2006


As of April 21, we are looking at 6 months until the wedding!

As of April 22, we are looking at one week until my 30th birthday!

As of this morning, we are probably looking at two weeks until I blog again!

Sorry that I have been such a slacker...if anyone is still reading, I will be back soon!

Look for upcoming stories on my 30th birthday party! And more whining about how I have no money and no time, and yet much is expected of me. Bet you can't wait!

1 comment:

gunngirl said...

LOL! I'll be waiting! Can't wait to hear stories. I'm waiting for the wedding stories.

I'm with you on the no money and no time thing --now. But you're gonna be a nurse. Cha-ching! heh. Then I'll be alone in my own no money/no time stories. lol. =:-D

see ya when you get back!