Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

I wouldn't say that I necessarily believe in signs. That said, I do definitely notice signs, and I do definitely allow them to make me feel a little more hopeful about things when I find them. Of course, sometimes it goes both ways, and signs are a little more un-hopeful. Often, I will be driving under a streetlight, and it will go out. Now, I know that having that happen is not a sign. The streetlights have sensors, and when I drive by the light from my headlights can hit those sensors and cause the streetlights to think it is lighter out than it actually is, and that can make them go out. Or it would mean that something Bad is going to happen. But I prefer the more logical explanation. And so far, I haven't been able to directly link a light going out with something Bad happening. Maybe I will change my view if that happens.

On Sunday, I went to Reading (about an hour and 15 minutes away) to spend the day with one of my best friends. On the way home, I stopped at Target and got sucked in to an hour of shopping there. I got lots of cool stuff to send to friends who are spending their summer working at camp...but I digress. On the way home, I got a chance to see some fireworks. I would see them one at a time, perhaps every 10 minutes, coming from the different towns that I was going through on route 78 on my way home. It made me feel a little bit special, like the fireworks were following me home. The part of me that notices signs thought that maybe this was a good sign...heralding some good thing that was going to happen to me.

Until I drove under a streetlight, and it went out. Oh, well; everyone knows that signs don't really exist anyway.


patrice said...

the streetlight thing always happens to me, but I always think that it means I'm doing the right thing. it's actually comforting to me. I am extremely superstitious and though I know in my head it's all silly, I do get alot of comfort out of following the rituals. not like animal sacrifice or anything, just like throwing salt over my shoulder. it allows me to relax, for some reason.

anyway, I think the fireworks were a sign of whatever you wanted it to be.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Darn those streetlights....but the fireworks I'd have to say are COOL!

Sherri said...

I definitely believe in signs. I think they are everywhere....we just have to look for them.

BTW.....love the hair. It looks great. :)