Friday, May 06, 2005

Trying? Or trying not to?

So my two best girlfriends have gotten married in the past year. And now when I am around them, I can hear their biological clocks ticking, and it is like a race to see who can procreate first. Yes, that's right. They are soon going to be "trying." As for me? I am trying not to. Of course, now that I am a single girl, I guess I don't have to try too hard. But I have spent a long time trying not to, and although I look forward to the day I can start trying, that day isn't now.

It's interesting to be the last one out there who is still single. I look back on our drunken nights when we first got out of college, and it makes me smile. We used to walk to the bar and home again (sometimes crawling home), just to head back out the next night for more fun. We used to meet random boys and let them buy us drinks and not put out AT ALL! We were there for the beer. And now, they are at home with their husbands, and I am at home with my parents, two cats, and a dog. Fascinating...

It's not even like I like to go out that much anymore. However, as I watch my friends settle down and think about becoming parents, I really start to think about how things have changed. As I have said before, life is good right now. But looking back on those days reminds me how I got to where I am today. And I wouldn't be totally opposed to living those days again...bring on the beer!

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patrice said...

I am someone who spent quite a good deal of time being in a completely different place in life than her friends, so I guess I can relate, if from the other side of the fence.