Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Random New Friend

I just have to report that I got my first stranger comment...and I am so excited! It seems that I am not the only person out there doing that "Next Blog" thing when I have a little time on my hands! So I would like to thank NME (keeper of the blog at and mother to an adorable infant who is one of the stars of her blog) for letting me know that you are reading me!

Note to much do you LOVE those Amish baked goods? I went several years without eating a Whoopie Pie, but thanks to a trip to the Reading Terminal Market after the Flower Show last month, I have once again partaken in the joy of the chocolate-y goodness. haven't had a Whoopie Pie until you've had an Amish Whoopie Pie...

1 comment:

NME said...

So glad to have made your day! I gave you your first comment after having received mine earlier in the day.
My favorite Amish/Pennsylvania Dutch specialty is Funny cake. Living in Bethlehem I'm sure you've had it - it's poundcake in a pie crust lined with fudge. Mmmm.
And I was sad to have missed the flower show this year. The tickets have gotten SO pricey and I figured it was too crowded for a stroller. Next year.