Saturday, April 09, 2005

Musings on what other blogs look like...

Well, once again, I spent some time next blogging this morning (I would imagine it will be at this point that most readers will start to feel a little bit sorry for the girl with no life in Pennsylvania who really has become THAT into blogs), and I have to say that I am starting to generate a list of THINGS THAT ANNOY ME. First of all, what is the deal with the way some people spell things? When I was in high school, my language arts teacher called me "Mary the Grammarian" (yes, that's right, astute readers, the first "M" in "MMT" stands for Mary), and this means that I am one of those people who, while reading a published novel, will find a grammatical error and fixate on it for several minutes before deciding that it is truly an honest-to-goodness grammatical error and then moving on (and if you didn't feel sorry for me yet, I bet NOW that is kicking in). So the fact that there are bloggers out there who insert extra letters into commonly-accepted words for NO REASON AT ALL just drive me bonkers. I also get annoyed by those little pop-up messages that come up (sometimes several in row) before I can even get into the next blog. After hitting "okay" six times, I don't even want to READ what someone has to say! I also am a little upset with people who remove the toolbar from the top of their blog...makes it much harder for me to continue on in randomness. And finally, can I just talk about the amount of Anime that is out there? I don't get it at all. Of course, I am also a little jealous because all I know how to do with HTML is change colors and fonts and makes things bold or in italics. So the fact that there are young kids (how old does that make ME sound?) out there who can create their own blogs completely from scratch (therefore utilizing the Anime) just drives me a little nuts.

ANYWAY...please hold on while I climb off my soapbox. I am going to do an abrupt subject change now as I tell you about a GREAT idea that my first stranger friend NME had concerning the joy that she got from her first stranger comment and the joy I got when she left my first stranger comment. Pay it forward. Yes, that's right, friends. Hit that "Next Blog" button in the corner, find your way into someone's newish blog that isn't being heavily read yet, and let them know that someone has been by. So far, NME and I have both been thrilled to get a comment from a random next blogger. YOU can make someone else's day in just that way. So go ahead...when you are done reading this (and after you comment, of course), send your mouse pointer up into the corner, move on, and become someone's first stranger friend. There's a good chance that they will LOVE it!

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The Princess said...

Woohoo! So will this be your 3rd random comment? I to get excited when I get a new person to, especially when one delurks! Wanna know if people are looking? Go to and sign up for a free account and then you can track your traffic and see who's coming (obviously you'll have to put the code into your template), I'm addicted to mine! Well, happy blogging!