Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

Last night, because I was bored and home by myself, I decided to hit the little button in the upper righthand corner of the screen that says "Next Blog" (repeatedly) and see where it took me. I probably looked at 100 blogs last night. And you know what? Some people are really weird.

There are blogs that cover really specific topics like Cabbage Patch Kids, education reform, Catholicism (I have to admit I stayed a while and read that one), and truck engines. There are college students writing moderately entertaining accounts of their lives. There are high school students writing not-so-entertaining accounts of their days ("I hate my mom! Why won't she let me stay out past midnight?"). There are a surprising number of people from Portugal keeping blogs. And I even came across a really entertaining account of life as the mother of twins. Where this mom found the time to write the great entries she did, I will never know. Her twins seem to keep her pretty busy.

Until I started reading my favorite blog (as mentioned previously, I am slightly addicted to www.dooce.com), I wasn't really aware of the power of this new means of journaling. I had in, the past, kept up with on-line journals written by friends, but I had never thought to spend my time reading all about the daily musings of a complete stranger. And I had certainly never thought of posting my own musings for people to read. And now, although I don't get many comments (only one, at last count), I like to think that there are other people like me who answer the call of the "Next Blog" button and find themselves reading up on what's going through my head. If you do stop in, post a comment to let me know you are here...and enjoy this glimpse into the workings of my mind. I hope that you will come back and visit again sometime.


Rebecca said...

I didn't realize what an incredible writer you are. I am enjoying reading your blog and have signed up to do one myself. I'll let you know when I do. Love ya!

Kat said...

I check you out daily! Still enjoying the blog. :)

NME said...

Am I your first random commenter? I found you via next blog - and was really intrigued because though I live in Philly I grew up in the Quakertown area - very close to Bethlehem.
And I too am a HUGE dooce fan.
Good luck with the blog, with weight loss and with school! I'll bookmark you and check in later.