Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Autumn is in the air...

Today's weather has been awesome here in the Poconos, after some rain this morning, and I am currently happily wearing pants and a cardigan in preparation for a meeting I have to attend tonight.  In fact, brace yourself for this...I am actually wearing a pair of SKINNY jeans.  I am not sure how I feel about this trend, but since I was able to get a pair from Forever 21 for like $12 on sale, I figured I would try them out.  I am wearing them with a black t-shirt, a grey longish cardigan, and black flats.  They will also work well with the knee high boots I plan to sport this fall and winter.

And speaking of those knee-high boots, I have added another widget to my sidebar entitled "Dream a Little Dream."  I used to have my wishlist on my blog, but I took it off after I fulfilled most of it, well over two years ago.  It has returned, and it has some of the items found in my previous post in it, as well as a couple of new items.  Two of these items are knee-high boots that I am planning to purchase at some point from my beloved Target.  They are real leather riding-style boots in black and cognac, and they are $49.99 per pair.  I own a pair of the same boots in taupe, and I really like them.  They aren't of as high a quality as a Frye boot, but the price is right.  There are also two pairs of suede wedges, also from Target, in black and grey on the list.  I don't have dress shoes at all, and these seem to be of a manageable height while still being pretty cute.  I am going to space these purchases out, of course, but I would imagine that they will all at some point become residents of my closet.

I also have found another cardigan type that I like from Ann Taylor Loft that is currently on sale as part of a buy-one-get-one-half-off promotion.  It's a simple longish v-neck cardigan, and I am eyeing it up in the light brown and dark grey colors to replace cardigans that I just threw in the giveaways bag.  I tried on the cardigans I bought last year, and they are just too ridiculously large for me to wear this year.  I thought I could maybe pull them off until I had a chance to replace them, but it's not going to happen.

Anyway, I blame all this fashion talk on the weather outside!  As we head into fall, I think about things like sweaters and boots and new looks for the new season!  Hopefully, by going slowly and buying them over time, I will add all of these items to my wardrobe!

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