Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Books, books, books, and more books...

I am a relatively infrequent poster on The Nest, which is basically a site that women use to suck time at work.


In all actuality, The Nest is like many of those websites out there that consist of profile, bulletin boards, informational articles, shopping opportunities, and blogging capabilities. I have found a new bulletin board on there that I immediately christened "My People," and I have enjoyed hanging out on there and seeing what everyone has been up to.

The board is know as NBC (for Nest Book Club), and on it, women basically chat about what books they are reading. There are other off-topic posts as well, but for the most part, the board is a group of women who hang out and talk about books and recommend books to others and talk about buying books and reading books and storing books.

You know, My People.

Anyway, I have joined a challenge on NBC, and that challenge has me slated to read 50 books this year. I read over 70 books last year, so I am assuming I will fulfill this, but I didn't want to bump up to the 100-book challenge because I was pretty sure that was setting myself up for failure. I believe I am now seven books in, which seems a little low for me as the end of February creeps up on us...and the book I am reading now (The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb) has over 700 pages, so it might be a little while until I get to number eight (although I have four days off after working tonight, so perhaps there will be some good reading time in the next couple of days).

And you know what this the end of this year, you can expect another recap of everything I read this year. You know you can't wait!


When I went back to create that link to my book recap from 2008, I thought that it would be a much older post, which is why I thought I would link to it. Then I realized it is, literally, like three posts ago. Bad blogger! Why do you ignore your blog so much?

I will try to be better, but I make no promises!

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