Monday, December 29, 2008

Eight things...

I took this from a blog I read because I thought it would be fun to fill out. Please feel free to do it too!

Eight Shows I watch:
1. Law and Order: SVU
2. House
3. The Office
4. Top Chef
5. Two and a Half Men
6. Throwdown with Bobbly Flay
7. Iron Chef America
8. Lipstick Jungle

Eight Favorite Resturants:
1. Chili's
2. Carraba's
3. Chick-Fil-A
4. Sicily
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. McDonald's
7. Don Pablo's
8. TGIFriday's (is it bad that most of these are national chains?)

Eight Things that Happened to Me Today:
1. I slept until 2:30 PM in preparation for work tonight.
2. I cut the dog's butt hair.
3. I watched two episodes of General Hospital.
4. I played with the dog.
5. I loaded all my dirty clothes into the washing machine.
6. I stopped off to get Coke to bring to work.
7. I went through the McDonald's drive-thru for dinner.
8. I put an IV in a baby that weighs 2 lbs. 9 oz.

Eight Things I Look Forward to:
1. Four nights off, starting Wednesday
2. Going out for NYE
3. Getting my iPod touch
4. Having a holiday open house this weekend
5. Getting paid on Thursday
6. Spending time with my husband this week
7. Getting HD installed tomorrow
8. Spring...and the end of the snow for the year

Eight Things I Wish:
1. That I lived in a more suburban/urban area
2. That my student loans were paid off
3. That my credit card debt was paid off
4. That I was better at keeping in touch with friends who are far away
5. That I could stick to diet and finally lose some weight
6. That I had room to have more dogs
7. That all my friends lived close by
8. For health and happiness to all those I love!


Gunngirl said...

Loved the list, I watch SVU and House too. I'm with you on the loans. Well, we'll see what 2009 brings. ;)

Happy New Year!

Gunngirl said...

I watch SVU and House too. And I hear you on the loans and credit debt. Well, we'll see what 2009 brings. ;) Maybe I'll actually write my book!

Happy New Year!