Wednesday, October 08, 2008


That's just a fancy way to say that I am gearing up for a bulleted list. And without further ado, I give you the stuff I can come up with at 4:30 AM:
  • My car is costing FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to fix. I wanted to spell that out so you didn't think that I was perhaps reporting too many zeroes when I wrote the amount out. I do not have FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I do, however, have parents that offer very reasonable loan terms (along with the advice not to worry about it right now...not sure how I cannot worry about it right now...all I seem to be doing is worrying about it...right now). I am picking my car, with its brand-spanking-new transmission up tomorrow. The transmission shop contacted Subaru on my behalf to point out that my transmission should not have failed at two years of age and about 52,000 miles. As Shawn, my transmission guru, put it, Subaru seemed "disinclined" to help me. Well, I am disinclined to ever buy a Subaru again. I am also disinclined to keep my mouth shut, which means that everyone I know will here why I won't be buying a Subaru, why I think they should not buy Subarus, and how Subaru was disinclined to offer me any assistance. And Subaru is going to hear about it soon as the steam stops coming out of my ears.
  • Sometimes, working where I work is really hard. This is one of those weeks. I can't give away any details because of privacy laws, but we had a hard loss this week that was very sudden and unexpected. Please keep in your prayers a family from PA that has had an absolutely tragic week.
  • I am going on vacation in less than a week. I could not be more excited about it. My husband and I are going to Bar Harbor, ME, with my parents and my grandmother. That's right - on top of paying for my new transmission, my parents are letting me and my husband tag along with them on vacation. I am officially ashamed of any shenanigans I engaged of in my youth that may have given them some extra gray hairs. Clearly, they deserved none of it, and they are showing once again that they are THE BEST!
  • My friend Paula, who was the one who turned around after a full night of work and drove me back to the hospital for x-rays when I had my tire-changing accident has proven once again to be amazing. She drove fifteen minutes north of her home to pick me up and take me to work today, and knowing that I am a bit short on cash until payday (I have $0.91 in my checking account...I kid you not), she treated me to dinner at Panera on our way in. While I would not hesitate to do the same for her, it still is so wonderful to have someone so selfless in my's been the Year of the Paula in my world! Santa Mary will be SO good to her this year!

And I think that's about it! I have a post in the works about some eco-friendly stuff that I have been trying to do at home, but I think that deserves it's own entry. So maybe I will be back before long...or maybe (more likely), I will just sit on that for a while.

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