Sunday, May 04, 2008


I can't figure out just what I want to blog about today.

Is it that I have received in the mail this week $16 worth of checks for surveys that I have filled out on-line?

Is it that my family and I walked in the MS Walk today, which was about 4 miles?

Is it that my mom's cousin and her husband came out to the Lehigh Valley to walk with us in the MS Walk?

Is it that we brought Otto to the walk with us, and he behaved himself, and he walked like a gentleman, and he seemed to have a great time, and now he is passed out in my bed?

Is it that I cut myself with a bagel knife on the palm of my hand and had to use my nursing skills to bandage it up with some butterfly strips and a big band-aid?

I guess it's all of those things...and now they have been shared!

1 comment:

Gunngirl said...

your nothing turned into something. Sounds like you did a lot.