Friday, September 07, 2007

Gainer with a Capital "G"

I felt a bit like a loser at my Weight Watchers meeting today, but being a loser at a WW meeting suggests something good. After all, we are there to lose weight. Instead, I was quite the opposite...a gainer. I knew going into the meeting that my weight was not going to be going down...but I didn't really expect a 3.4 pounds gain.

Now, I know that there is no way that I ate over 10,000 extra calories this week that resulted in 3.4 pounds of actual fat gained. So I would imagine that some of what is hanging around my middle is bloat. We women know it too much salt, and you get bloat. That time of month, and you get bloat. Weather is humid, and you get bloat (and frizz, but that is another story). This week, I have felt some bloat...and I worked on flushing it out with some water. And then I got lazy.

I am sure I don't have to point out to you that I have not been taking Alli much this week. After one heck of a Labor Day, food-wise, I decided to skip a few pills because I did not want to enjoy any of the treatment effects I was so fearing. And then on Tuesday, I skipped Alli again for lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse with my best friend Amy. And then the next day...well, I just didn't take it the next day. And I haven't since.

Today's WW meeting was about planning ahead to get through the months until the end of the year. One thing that I have really not been doing is exercising. I have a lovely gym membership, and it is time I dust it off and start using it again. It's a beautiful gym and a great place to work out. It's about seven minutes from my house. I have no reason not to go, outside of pure laziness. I looked in my calendar today and wrote GYM on all the days through my first wedding anniversary (October 21st! The Paper Anniversary!) that could have some gym time in then. My goal is to actually make the gym a part of my day on 90% of those days. Even if it's a half hour on the treadmill, it's something.

I also have to pay attention to things like water and dairy and fruits and vegetables. I am not following any sort of healthy guidelines concerning the food groups, and I need to do that. I would say I am doing a decent job most of the time (except for this week) of staying within my Points allowance. However, more often than it should be, my menu consists of plenty of low-Point snacks and no vegetables. I often (usually) substitute Crystal Lite and sugar-free Kool-Aid for water. And I eat dairy only sporadically...not the two servings a day that WW recommends. Therefore, I am not really following WW well...I am following my own version of it that, while it brings results, is not overly healthy in the long run.

I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle this. I would like to have lost a total of thirty pounds by my anniversary...and today I stand at 23 pounds lost. Last week, I stood at 26.4 pounds lost...what a difference a week of excess makes! However, I have been in the 20-something pounds lost range for quite a while now, and I am ready to bump up to the next level. And I have about six weeks to do it in. That's a little more than a pound a week. It shouldn't be a problem.

Let the losing begin (again!)!

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