Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not more about the damned camera...PLEASE!!!

Okay, I will stop talking about it. After all, there isn't much more to say until I get that camera in my hot little hands (other than, I want it now, please!!!), so we will move on to other things.

Let's talk about Sally Hansen nail care products.

Now, I have to preface this by saying that I used to get my nails done every two weeks, and I had long and lovely acrylics that made my hands so, so pretty. I loved them. However, when I started nursing school, I had to get them taken off, and being a former nail-biter, I went right back to my old habits and my hands were pretty-no-more. Therefore, my former nail tech recommended I use Nail Envy by OPI to stengthen my nails, and I did, and it worked okay when I remembered to use it, and eventually I gave up on caring and just went back to having ugly hands.

Last week, I looked down at my hands and realized that all my nails had grown out enough that I would feel okay painting them. So I gave myself the first home manicure I had done in many years. They even continued looking nice for about five days, but then yesterday, one of them chipped, and it was all over for me. The polish had to come off.

I was at CVS (I know I said I would stay out of CVS, but I needed some Raid to deal with a wasp problem we were having, and my grocery store didn't have it), and I came across the Sally Hansen Wall of Products that Seem Too Good to Be True. And I bought a nice clear bottle full of something that claimed to have acrylic gel and nylon in it (Hard as Wraps), but it was still just looking like a base coat, and I FELL FOR IT. I bought it, and I came home, and I slapped it right on my nails.

And now I remember why I hate Sally Hansen products.

This stuff peels off your nails like nothing I have ever seen (not peels off just like all the other Sally Hansen wonder products I have tried). And I am one of those people who, when given an opportunity to peel something, will peel it. I was the kid who got glue on her hands just so she could peel it off. Therefore, my inclination is to paint it on and peel it off.

I am not 12, so I am not doing that.

However, I think I will have to head somewhere other than CVS and get some of that Nail Envy that I used to like so much. I would like to see how far I can take this non-ugly hands thing...without the help of a professional, of course.

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Dirka said...

Found you on Zoot's site. I know you were just commenting to get traffic. I kid! I'm with you on the Sally Hansen, but it's just so CHEAP! OPI is the best, though