Monday, May 08, 2006

A conspiracy against my quest to blog...

Last night, Bill and I went to some friends' house for a little deck party, which is what we like to do every Sunday during the summer. We stand around, snacking and drinking and chatting and laughing, and we have a wonderful, wonderful time. Last night was no exception. Toward the end of the evening, I went to my car and got my digital camera so that I could take a couple of pictures to capture the moment. Some of the shots are good ones, and I was looking forward to sharing them today.

On the way home from the deck party, I was driving to Bill's house in the Poconos, and there was a beautiful sunset going on. As I was driving up the highway, I noticed that out of my car window, I could see a wonderful show, as the sun disappeared over the side of the mountains. Hmmm, there's my camera sitting next to me on my seat. I grabbed that camera, and I took pictures of the sunset as I made my way home. And I was looking forward to sharing them today.

When I got home this morning, my mom told me that my dad had spilled a glass of wine on our cable modem last night, thereby wiping out our Internet access from our house. Sharing the pictures? Not happening for now.

I have come over to my college campus to do some studying for the final that I have tomorrow evening. I probably will be better able to concentrate here than I would at home. However, I am very sad that the cable modem is dead...although I was able to draw myself back up and do some blogging anyway.

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